Boost juice bars franchise essay

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Boost juice bars franchise essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Although there are other competitors, Boost manages to stay in front by augmenting and extending their products.

They segment and choose target market to achieve most effective advertising and maximise sales. Boost Juice is a convenience good, currently in the maturity phase of the product life cycle with strong brand equity and brand loyalty. They differentiate in augmented layer with its well known brand, bright packaging and convenience.

The promotion achieves strong awareness by changing with social trends, having a colourful, engaging environment and successful campaigns. Boost is now expanding not only in Australia but also overseas. Their stores are small, colourful and strategically located in high foot traffic areas.

They now distribute their goods in supermarkets as well as the stores. As boost juice is in maturity phase of PLC is has chosen a stability pricing objective. Boost Juice is the fastest growing fruit juice bar in the southern hemisphere, founded by Janine Allis in Adelaide Wren, The brand Bubble Cup is not as healthy as other fresh natural juice bars but many retail stores exist, it is quite popular among the young people due to its cheap price as well as various tastes.

Boost Juice implements demographic, psychographic and behavioural variables as a basis to select its target market.

Boost juice bars franchise essay

People who prefer to have quick, fresh and nutritious juices with the highest quality and no added artificiality will consider Boost as a favourable brandOn the other hand, Boost Juice is subject to seasonal restrictions. Sales could decline during colder seasons, with other competitors who serve hot drinks dominating the market.

Therefore, as a response to external environmental competition, Boost Juice continuously develops product variations in order to achieve greater market penetration, aiming to build a high quality service with their outgoing and full energy goods.

This establishes and fortifies Boost Juice as a reliable brand among the market competitors. RecommendationsIn addition to fruit juices and smoothies, boost can try to augment other products like Tropicana juice bar and Starbucks to attract more customers, since many customers may also wish to purchase hot beverages in order to compete with other brands through the colder seasons.

PRODUCTBoost Juice offers mainly healthy smoothies and juices, however recently it began expanding the width and the depth of its products by introducing new product categories such as healthy wraps, a new supermarket range and extending its lines by introducing a larger variety of smoothies.

Picking a correct product category is important as it influences the marketing strategies. It is a low involvement good due to the low risk low dollar value and therefore little effort is required to purchase it. During the consumer decision-making process the pre-purchase search will brief.

The growth has started to slow down as they now open fewer stores than they used to but the sales maintain high. Boost juice is extending its PLC by introducing new lines and products as mentioned above. The way Boost juice differentiates itself can be shown through the augmented product model.

The expected layer is that it tastes good. This is where Janine Allis saw a market opening. In order to build a successful brand it must have brand equity, which is achieved through brand name, awareness, loyalty, association and perceived brand quality.

Why Can Boost Juice Considered an Entrepreneur? Essay

RecommendationsAlthough there are now many other healthy drink stores, Boost has one with the strongest brand image and loyalty and hence maintains their customers.

Over the last few years Boost juice has entered new markets by opening franchises in more countries around the world and offering more products including its supermarket range so it is doing well in product side.

As social trends change over time, so do customer needs and wants; promotional activities should aim to meet this demand. Brooke Ruscuklic, the marketing manager for Boost Juice Bars in Australia notes the current focus on health awareness:One of the common features of an epic is the "fabulous loci" for the hero to visit.

Fantasy novels can have some loci that are quite pretty or terrifying, but science fiction has some that will make your jaw hit the floor.

Unfortunately, Boost Juice Bars stopped part of business in New Zealand in after the franchiser due to liquidation. The stores in New Zealand are sold to Tank Juice. After a year reflection, Boost Juice Bars signed an agreement to re-start the brand in the UK. bar in the southern hemisphere (Boost Juice Pty.

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Ltd ). The following essay will deal with the business concept of Boost Juice and will discuss the question whether Boost Juice can be considered entrepreneurial. Firstly, the essay will give a short description of the company.

Secondly, the meaning of entrepreneurship will be evaluated. And lastly, the essay will explain how Boost Juice creates value.

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