Class participation self evaluation essay

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Class participation self evaluation essay

April Volume 63 Number 7 Teaching the Tweens Pages Differentiating for Tweens Rick Wormeli Teaching tweens requires special skills—and the willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure student success.

Class Participation Self Evaluation #6

Effective instruction for year-olds looks different from effective instruction for 8-year-olds or year-olds. Combine the developmental needs of typical tweens and the wildly varying needs of individuals within this age group, and you can see that flourishing as a middle-grades teacher requires special skills.


It's not as overwhelming as it sounds, however. There are some commonsense basics that serve students well. The five strategies described here revolve around the principles of differentiated instruction, which does not always involve individualized instruction.

No matter how creatively we teach—and no matter how earnestly we engage in differentiated instruction, authentic assessment, and character education—the effects will be significantly muted if we don't create an environment that responds to students' developmental needs.

Different students will require different degrees of attention regarding each of these factors.

Class participation self evaluation essay

Take tweens' need for physical movement. It's not enough for tweens to move between classes every 50 minutes or every 80 minutes on a block schedule. Effective tween instruction incorporates movement every 10 to 15 minutes.

So we ask all students to get up and walk across the room to turn in their papers, not just have one student collect the papers while the rest of them sit passively. We let students process information physically from time to time: We use flexible grouping, which allows students to move about the room to work with different partners.

Every topic in the curriculum can be turned into a physical experience, even if it's very abstract. We can do this for some or all of our students as needed. We can use simulations, manipulatives, body statues frozen tableauand finger plays to portray irony, metabolism, chromatic scale, republics, qualitative analysis, grammar, and multiplying binomials Glynn, ; Wormeli, To address students' need for self-definition, we give them choices in school projects.

We help students identify consequences for the academic and personal decisions they make. We also teach students about their own learning styles. We put students in positions of responsibility in our schools and communities that allow them to make positive contributions and earn recognition for doing so.

We provide clear rules and enforce them calmly—even if it's the umpteenth time that day that we've needed to enforce the same rule—to help students learn to function as members of a civilized society. Integrating developmental needs into tweens' learning is nonnegotiable.

It's not something teachers do only if we have time in the schedule; it's vital to tween success.

As teachers of this age group, we need to apply our adolescent development expertise in every interaction. If we don't, the lesson will fall flat and even worse, students will wither.

At this junction, then, it's important to show students that not everyone starts at the same point along the learning continuum or learns in the same way. Some classmates learn content by drawing it, others by writing about it, and still others by discussing it—and even the best students are beginners in some things.

Unfortunately, students in nondifferentiated classes often view cultural and academic differences as signs of weakness and inferiority.

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Good students in these classes often try to protect their reputations as being the kids who always get the problems right or finish first.

They rarely take chances and stretch themselves for fear of faltering in front of others.

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This approach to learning rarely leads to success in high school and beyond. Educators of tweens need to make academic struggle virtuous. So we model asking difficult questions to which we don't know the answers, and we publicly demonstrate our journey to answer those questions.

We affirm positive risk taking in homework as well as the knowledge gained through science experiments that fail. We push students to explore their undeveloped skills without fear of grade repercussions, and we frequently help students see the growth they've made over time.

In one of my classes, Jared was presenting an oral report on Aristotle's rhetorical triangle ethos, pathos, logosand he was floundering. Embarrassed because he kept forgetting his memorized speech, he begged me to let him take an F and sit down.

Instead, I asked Jared to take a few deep breaths and try again. He did, but again, he bombed. I explained that an oral report is not just about delivering information; it's also about taking risks and developing confidence. This is your time to be a beginner. The worst that can happen is that you learn from the experience and have to do it again.

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That's not too bad. After his classmates offered encouraging comments, Jared tried a third time and got a little farther before stopping his speech.Self Evaluation.

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