Devry hrm 420

Strategies for managing each risk factor Plan for continued monitoring and adjustment Social implications and responsibilities Identify at least two different employment selection processes utilized by your employer. How would you explain nondiscriminatory hiring practices to a new HR employee? Why or why not?

Devry hrm 420

Discussion 2 It seems reasonable and unproblematic to say that we may be loyal to other human beings because they are flesh and blood entities. But what about loyalty to a business?

When we feel loyal to a corporation, is it the business for which we are expressing loyalty or are we actually being loyal to the people who are within that business?

Should people be encouraged to or discouraged from feeling loyalty to companies? Did the CEO do the right thing? Who benefited from his choice? From an ethical standpoint, what would you have advised the CEO to do? What other observations do you have about this situation?

Discussion 2 A whistle-blower is typically an employee who reports company criminal misconduct publicly in order to have corrective action taken. Usually such misconduct takes the form of a regulatory compliance violation, a safety violation, financial fraud, or something that is a direct threat to the public or the employees.


Why do you think the person brought the matter to light? Why would others have failed to do so? Do you know what happened ultimately to the whistle-blower? Are some lies worse than others? Using the lies described in the article, which ones do you think are harmless to the public and helpful to the business?

If a customer is misled by information, but is ultimately not harmed, does that make the lie acceptable? Is there an ethical difference between posturing and overt deception?

Why or why not?

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Does our capitalist system force entrepreneurs who are starting small businesses into a position where they can only succeed if they exaggerate and posture? If they have no track record and tell the truth about their size and experience, how can they compete with established businesses?

Discussion 2 At the WTO Ministerial Conference held in Seattle in December ofprotesters campaigning for many causes took to the streets and eventually faced tear gas and rubber bullets from the police.

Can you find any articles on the Internet that describe another viewpoint? What are their respective positions?

Which do you feel is more valid? Can globalization be an ethical force in the world? This finding outraged some in the community and contradicted the earlier finding of the civilian Police Commission, which said the officer should face discipline for the shooting of Devin Brown.

Devry hrm 420

Exacerbating this outrage, according to city leaders who spoke out after the case, was that the disciplinary board's hearing was conducted entirely in secret.

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