Essays in history of mechanics

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Essays in history of mechanics

Understanding Evolution: History, Theory, Evidence, and Implictions

Determinism To explain these properties, we need to be more explicit about the kind of picture an interpretation provides. To that end we will regard an interpretation as a correspondence between the elements of the mathematical formalism M and the elements of an interpreting structure I, where: The mathematical formalism M consists of the Hilbert space machinery of ket-vectorsself-adjoint operators acting on the space of ket-vectors, unitary time dependence of the ket-vectors, and measurement operations.

In this context a measurement operation is a transformation which turns a ket-vector into a probability distribution for a formalization of this concept see quantum operations. The interpreting structure I includes states, transitions between states, measurement operations, and possibly information about spatial extension of these elements.

A measurement operation refers to an operation which returns a value and might result in a system state change. Spatial information would be exhibited by states represented as functions on configuration space.

The transitions may be non-deterministic or probabilistic or there may be infinitely many states. The crucial aspect of an interpretation is whether the elements of I are regarded as physically real.

Hence the bare instrumentalist view of quantum mechanics outlined in the previous section is not an interpretation at all, for it makes no claims about elements of physical reality.

Understanding Evolution: History, Theory, Evidence, and Implictions

The current usage of realism and completeness originated in the paper in which Einstein and others proposed the EPR paradox. They characterised element of reality as a quantity whose value can be predicted with certainty before measuring or otherwise disturbing it, and defined a complete physical theory as one in Essays in history of mechanics every element of physical reality is accounted for by the theory.

In a semantic view of interpretation, an interpretation is complete if every element of the interpreting structure is present in the mathematics. Realism is also a property of each of the elements of the maths; an element is real if it corresponds to something in the interpreting structure.

For example, in some interpretations of quantum mechanics such as the many-worlds interpretation the ket vector associated to the system state is said to correspond to an element of physical reality, while in other interpretations it is not. Determinism is a property characterizing state changes due to the passage of time, namely that the state at a future instant is a function of the state in the present see time evolution.

It may not always be clear whether a particular interpretation is deterministic or not, as there may not be a clear choice of a time parameter. Moreover, a given theory may have two interpretations, one of which is deterministic and the other not.

Essays in history of mechanics

Local realism has two aspects: The value returned by a measurement corresponds to the value of some function in the state space.

In other words, that value is an element of reality; The effects of measurement have a propagation speed not exceeding some universal limit e. In order for this to make sense, measurement operations in the interpreting structure must be localized.

A precise formulation of local realism in terms of a local hidden-variable theory was proposed by John Bell. Bell's theoremcombined with experimental testing, restricts the kinds of properties a quantum theory can have, the primary implication being that quantum mechanics cannot satisfy both the principle of locality and counterfactual definiteness.

It should be noted that regardless of Einstein's concerns about interpretation issues, Dirac and other quantum notables embraced the technical advances of the new theory while devoting little or no attention to interpretational aspects.

Copenhagen interpretation The Copenhagen interpretation is the "standard" interpretation of quantum mechanics formulated by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg while collaborating in Copenhagen around Bohr and Heisenberg extended the probabilistic interpretation of the wavefunction proposed originally by Max Born.

The Copenhagen interpretation rejects questions like "where was the particle before I measured its position? The measurement process randomly picks out exactly one of the many possibilities allowed for by the state's wave function in a manner consistent with the well-defined probabilities that are assigned to each possible state.

According to the interpretation, the interaction of an observer or apparatus that is external to the quantum system is the cause of wave function collapse, thus according to Paul Davies"reality is in the observations, not in the electron". Many-worlds interpretation The many-worlds interpretation is an interpretation of quantum mechanics in which a universal wavefunction obeys the same deterministic, reversible laws at all times; in particular there is no indeterministic and irreversible wavefunction collapse associated with measurement.

The phenomena associated with measurement are claimed to be explained by decoherencewhich occurs when states interact with the environment producing entanglementrepeatedly "splitting" the universe into mutually unobservable alternate histories—effectively distinct universes within a greater multiverse.

Consistent histories The consistent histories interpretation generalizes the conventional Copenhagen interpretation and attempts to provide a natural interpretation of quantum cosmology.

The theory is based on a consistency criterion that allows the history of a system to be described so that the probabilities for each history obey the additive rules of classical probability.

According to this interpretation, the purpose of a quantum-mechanical theory is to predict the relative probabilities of various alternative histories for example, of a particle.

Ensemble interpretation The ensemble interpretationalso called the statistical interpretation, can be viewed as a minimalist interpretation. That is, it claims to make the fewest assumptions associated with the standard mathematics.

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