Fin 571 week 6 final exam

A well-respected president of a firm suddenly resigns B. A well-respected chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank suddenly resigns C. A poorly managed firm suddenly goes out of business due to lack of sales D.

Fin 571 week 6 final exam

All of the above Question 4 Which of the following statements best describes the relevance of the inner game and outer game to leadership behavior? The inner game runs the outer game. In high-pressure leadership roles, the outer game is the only game. The outer game competence is all that is essential to leadership.

Most efforts at developing leaders only target the inner game, or consciousness. There is no safe way to be great, and there is no great way to be safe. The safe paths have all been taken.

The paths left to us require risk. Leadership is inherently risky. All of the above.

Fin 571 week 6 final exam

We need to work on specific skills and do so whenever we have the time. Our efforts need to be long-term and systemic. We need to work individually and collectively.

Fin 571 week 6 final exam

We need to integrate the inner and outer game of leadership. We need to rethink how we develop leaders. Our beliefs depend on outside validation. Engage others in a manner that allows the parties involved to discover common ground.

Question 9 Which of the following is the best method for a leader to manage unproductive conflict? Ignore the conflict and give direction to the team.

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Hold a team building off-site to help the team work better together. Send team members to conflict resolution training. Question 10 The best metaphor the authors created for describing our relationship to Unity is that we are like waves on the ocean, not separate from the ocean. Which of the following statements best supports this metaphor?

We realize that we were always one with the Ocean, that we were never separate, and that all waves are one; we are all each other.

As separate waves, we experience the ups and downs of wave life. We are separate waves and we experience ourselves on a journey across the ocean. Some waves appear friendly; other waves may appear to threaten our ability to get what we want, and so we fear them.

Question 11 Which of the following statements describes the Leadership Practice 1: It requires that we distill and refine a collective sense of purpose and through honest dialogue. It is the willingness to be authentic, to speak and act in ways that express and embody our vision of greatness.

It requires attention to the trail, to the minute, subtle, and detailed clues our life is leaving as we live it or as it lives us. It takes courage to engage in the authentic dialogue needed to forward the vision, find leverage, and implement fundamental structural change.

Question 12 Which of the following statements best describes the relationship of structure to higher leadership performance?

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To attain higher effectiveness, you must reach higher performance. To perform more masterfully, your Inner Operating System IOS must evolve to a higher order mental-emotional structure. Since performance determines structure, if you want to evolve to a higher order structure, you must reach higher performance.

When we see extraordinary leadership, we see well-honed capability arising on a higher-order platform of competence.

Engage all stakeholders and hold them accountable. Set the right direction and create meaningful work. Ensure that processes and systems facilitate focus and execution. Ensure that business performance is improved.

Question 14 Which of the following statements describes the Leadership Practice 2: It is to continue to give ourselves over to the pull of purpose, distill it into vision, and then deal with the anxieties that inevitably arise.

Question 15 Which of these statements defines the strength of Reactive Leadership? At this stage of leadership, we can defer impulse gratification long enough to plan and organize to meet our needs.Email Id: [email protected] Login; Register; 0 $0.

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