How i learn 2d game development

Product Details Synopsis Ask almost anyone doing indie-game development and they will tell you all about the benefits of using the Unity game engine. Unity has become increasingly popular due to its affordability, continuous updates and additions, and a growing community of users that numbers well into the millions Allowing developers to design, code, and author their game once, and then deploy to almost any platform, it's easy to see why more and more games are being realized with Unity. A Hands-On Guide to Game Creation" will be your guide into the exciting profession of game development and the Unity game engine. Using practical game design theory, illustrations and code examples, each chapter will build upon the previous one.

How i learn 2d game development

When it came to making games, though, I was a bit lost as to where to start. I then started on DirectX development but realized that, although it was extremely powerful, it seemed like too much code for what I wanted to do. Then, one day, I decided to experiment with Unity, and I saw it could do some amazing things.

How i learn 2d game development

This is the first article in a four-part series How i learn 2d game development will cover the basics and architecture of Unity. Unity allows you to interact with them via not only code, but also visual components, and export them to every major mobile platform and a whole lot more—for free.

You can do an impressive amount with the free version. Unity supports all major 3D applications and many audio formats, and even understands the Photoshop. Unity allows you to import and assemble assets, write code to interact with your objects, create or import animations for use with an advanced animation system, and much more.

Figure 1 Platforms Supported by Unity Perhaps the most powerful part of Unity is the Unity Asset Store, arguably the best asset marketplace in the gaming market.

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The Unity interface is fully scriptable, allowing many third-party plug-ins to integrate right into the Unity GUI. Most, if not all, professional game developers use a number of packages from the asset store, and if you have something decent to offer, you can publish it there as well.

So, again, I hesitate to suggest any limits on what Unity can do. Where does Microsoft fit into this? Microsoft and Unity work closely together to ensure great platform support across the Microsoft stack.

How i learn 2d game development

Getting Started Download the latest version of Unity and get yourself a two-button mouse with a clickable scroll wheel. You can see the differences between the versions at unity3d.

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Your code, not the Unity engine code, runs on Mono or the Microsoft. Unity lets you test your game in the IDE without having to perform any kind of export or build. If you prefer, you can configure Visual Studio as your editor.

To debug, you launch MonoDevelop from Unity. MonoDevelop has a plug-in that opens a connection back to the Unity debugger and issues commands to it after you Debug Attach to Process in MonoDevelop.

When you open Unity for the first time, you see the project dialog shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 The Unity Project Wizard In the project dialog, you specify the name and location for your project 1.

You can also import a package later. A package is a.

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Finally, you can choose either 2D or 3D 3. This list is populated from. Anything you download from the Unity asset store also comes as a. As such, it will show up in this list once it exists on your system. You could just double-click on any. The default Unity window layout is shown in Figure 3.

All the files in your project. You can drag and drop from Explorer into Unity to add files to your project. The currently open scene.

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All the game objects in the scene. Note the use of the term GameObjects and the GameObjects dropdown menu. The components properties of the selected object in the scene.

Clicking Play plays the game near instantly without having to perform separate builds.2D games are hugely popular across a wide range of platforms and the ideal place to start if youre new to game development. With Learn 2D Game Development with C, youll learn your way around the universal building blocks of game development, and how to put.

2D maze game with device orientation This tutorial shows how to create a 2D maze game using HTML5, incorporating fundamentals such as collision detection and sprite placement on a . This is a mobile game that uses the Device Orientation and Vibration APIs to enhance the gameplay and is built using the Phaser framework.

Learning 2D Game Development with Unity: A Hands-On Guide to Game Creation The Unity Engine Tutorial for Any Game Creator Unity is now the world’s #1 game engine, thanks to its affordability, continuous improvements, and amazing global community.

With Learn 2D Game Development with C#, you'll learn your way around the universal building blocks of game development, and how to put them together to create a real working game. C# is increasingly becoming the language of choice for new game developers. Learning 2D Game Development with Unity: A Hands-On Guide to Game Creation [Matthew Johnson, James A.

Henley] I’m just starting to learn Unity3D for 2D game development, so I’ve only watched a few of the official videos and followed a few tutorials online (the best so far being from

/5(20). Unity 2D Tutorial: Learn to Create a 2D Game Develop a 2D cross-platform game and learn a wide variety of core game development topics.

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