How to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 runtime

The documentation contains information for developers writing server side code, client-side scripts, custom business logic, integration modules, workflow assemblies, and plug-ins. Sample code and walkthroughs are provided to guide you through the new features.

How to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 runtime - Programmatically set Custom Paper Size for Crystal Report - Stack Overflow

This server-based method is documented in the Visual Studio help files. The syntax for this method is: To print the entire report, set startpage and endpage each to 0. An example in use might look like MyReport. PrintToPrinter 1,False,0,0 One limitation of this method is that a printer name must be specified.

Keep in mind that this method prints from the server itself, not from the client machine.


This means that any printer you wish to use must be accessible from the server. For instance, if the Accounting Department has a departmental printer, that would be a good choice to use for the default in an accounting report.

You can provide users the option to choose a networked printer by enumerating the printers mapped to the server and populating a drop-down list.

InstalledPrinters property returns a collection of installed printers, and can be bound to a DropDownList as below.

how to set custom paper size in crystal report 2008 runtime

DataBind Again, since this code is executing on the server, this will only enumerate the printers on the server mapped to the System user.

If a printer does not appear in the drop-down list, you need to ensure that it is properly mapped to the System user see below.

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All printers and the. This is not a trivial task to configure. Printers can be mapped to the system account only by editing the registry, and since the Framework is mapped to the System user, you may need to reassign security permissions on files and folders. The process is a little too intricate to cover here leave comments if help is needed, and I can amend the article later.Using and creating Crosstabs in Crystal Reports Juri Urbainczyk – be no total coverage of the topic, the paper concentrates on the necessities in BI projects.

However, after reading • A Crystal Report crosstab does not allow drilling into deeper dimension levels. All needed dimension. I made my own custom activity for my own bulid definition. So I make a file that represents my activity, build it, add it into activity list ( file) and checked-in the whole solution folder into TFS.

Printing Reports in Windows Forms Duncan Mackenzie you will most likely be aware that it ships with Crystal Reports, a full-blown report development package complete with a ton of development tools, and you probably wondering why I am not discussing it in this article.

Crystal Reports is a great reporting tool, but it is not free to deploy. May 30,  · Crystal Reports Enhanced Integration. Create interactive charts and what-if scenario models for your Crystal reports.

This enhanced integration automates the process of binding your report data to Xcelsius visual models – eliminating hours of manual coding.

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Now I’m trying to set custom Paper Size for Crystal Report using When I run report from, the Crystal report viewer shows the correct preview for custom paper size but when I give print command it prints with the default printer paper size.

Can anyone help me. I am developer and using SAP crystal reports. I want to print on a custom paper size but everytime i go to print preference then change the paper which is always Letter. I want to programmatically solve this problem (or if there is any other way to do it), select the printer and paper size to use before printing.

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