Okapi wildlife reserve essay

The sarcasm is that despite a troubled history marred with civil and tribal agitation. The Ituri consists of lowland tropical woods every bit good as canopied rain forests that harbor an array of vegetations and zoologies found nowhere else. It is besides the place of the legendary Okapia johnstoni which has become the national and moral symbol of non merely the modesty.

Okapi wildlife reserve essay

It is large, occupying about one-fifth of the Ituri forest. The Reserve is home to numerous species including the Okapi, primates, birds, and elephants.

Okapi wildlife reserve essay

They live amongst the various forests that make up the reserve. There are numerous threats to the reserve that are endangering the survival of not only the inhabitants but the forests as well.

The reserve is understaffed and short on resources which only serve to further worsen the problem as they are undermanned to deal with all of the threats to the reserve. While there are other reserves that may need funding, the Okapi Reserve is home to approximately Okapi, of the approximate 30, remaining.

Biodiversity The Okapi Reserve is a beautiful sanctuary for the Okapi. It is fairly large in that its size is 1,ha. It sits amidst 4 types of forests which include both primary and secondary forests as well as mixed and swamp forests.

Okapi wildlife reserve essay

These forest types are all located in and around the reserve creating a sight to behold. There are a couple of endangered cycads, known as Encephalartos marunguensis and E. The forests of the reserve are home to many species. These species include the Okapi, for whom the reserve is named.

The Okapi resemble a giraffe with a short neck. These creatures have long ears and a long tongue that is used to not only strip leaves from trees when eating but also to clean their bodies. They are known as a very clean forest animal.

Adding to the various mammals and reptiles there are over species of birds located in the forests. Some of these include the long-tailed hawk and spot-breasted ibis. Threats The Okapi Reserve was listed as an endangered site due to the threats that it faces day in and day out.

Areas are being disturbed and threatened by the illegal mining.


Diamond, Colton and gold are all being mined illegally with little regard to the damage it is doing to the area. The influx of humans into the area disturbs an ecosystem that struggles to survive. Illegal logging is also taking its toll.

The forests are being reduced by the illegal removal of trees. The damage to the ecosystem is obviously very concerning. These illegal operations, mining and logging, add to an already serious problem plaguing the reserve: The influx of people that came with the mining and logging camps stressed even more an already stressful situation.

Several protections are in place but more is needed. As mentioned, the reserve has been placed on the list World Heritage in Danger. While it does identify the area as an endangered site, that in and of itself does not stop the onslaught. It does raise awareness to the seriousness of the situation at the reserve but does not actually stop the menaces that plague the reserve.

The reserve employs approximately 80 guards. These rangers patrol the area however the area to cover is large and the devastation to the land continues. The reserve also employs approximately staff in addition to the guards.

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The staff holds skilled positions and are responsible for education, research and day to day management of the reserve including training of the guards as well as providing equipment.

They attempt to educate the local population how to use the resources available to them wisely.To protect the wildlife,. 8 The Natural Heritage of Illinois: Abstract The Okapi Wildlife Reserve essay on protection of flora and fauna was given its Okapi Wildlife Reserve Essay which is tasked with the .

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve, with support from San Diego Zoo Global, other zoos and conservation organizations, and the local people, continues to protect and to support study of this rare and unusual forest dweller.

The wildlife preserve I believe deserves more funding is the Okapi Wildlife Reserve.

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This reserve is located on the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has some of the most diverse group of organisms. This reserve is home to the rare Okapi that are numbered at about 30, The Ituri rainforest, found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is one of the most biologically diverse areas in Africa.

Known for its civil and tribal conflict the Democratic Republic of the Congo is also known for the Okapi Wildlife reserve. The Okapi Wildlife Reserve is located in the Ituri forest in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

It is large, occupying about one-fifth of the Ituri forest. The Reserve is home to numerous species including the Okapi, primates, birds, and elephants.4/4(1). The Okapi Wildlife Reserve was given its official protected status in and covers 8, square miles of the Ituri rainforestà  s , square kilometers in /5(3).

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