Problem solution argument essays

Why bite your nails so much when problems are so many around you? Brainstorming for the best idea can be hectic I agree. This is especially the case when you have lots of ideas to choose from.

Problem solution argument essays

All you need is an easy topic. And if you are looking for problem solution persuasive speech topics for college students—congrats! You can easily use one of the prompts listed below.

Pick an inspiring topic, and your writing will flow like water. Relax and choose something that makes everyone smile. Funny cat videos can reduce your stress during finals week. Singing in the shower boosts confidence. Karaoke reduces stress in the singer. Video games keep kids out of the streets.

Programmable electronic locks solve the problem of late-night eating. Recorders solve the problem of no notes after sleeping through lectures. Photoshop solves the problem of low self-esteem in Instagram users. Autocorrect solves the problem of texting language in essays.

Alarm clocks that run away from their owners solve the problem of oversleeping. Students can manage their work, classes, and social lives by multitasking. Students can relieve stress by taking naps.

Problem solution argument essays

Glowing pillows can help couples survive a long-distance relationship. Student athletes should receive compensation for playing sports. Free coffee should be provided to students in each class to keep them from falling asleep. Replacing textbooks with iPads will make classes more interesting.

Memes should be studied in art classes because they are a modern form of art. Recycling cans that spit unseparated trash back at the person will make people recycle. Choose something intriguing, like one of these problem solution essay ideas: Even fake smiles improve the way a person feels.

Pepper makes kids stop biting their nails. Pictures on Facebook improve student awareness of social problems. Music can reduce criminal behavior in mall visitors. College degrees reduce the risk of divorce. Comfortable chairs improve lecture attendance.

The Internet increases the number of happy long-distance relationships.

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A new hairstyle cures depression. Facial hair helps programmers be more successful. Audio books improve the literacy of lazy students. A worldwide one-child policy will help solve the problem of overpopulation. The majority of people should become vegetarians to help reverse climate change.


Immigration should be encouraged, not prohibited, so as to increase diversity. People with severe eating disorders should be force-fed to save their lives.A problem-solution essay, like a director on a movie set, demands action.

You want readers to recognize the urgency of the problem and why it needs to be solved. Show specific examples of how the problem affects individuals or communities, either through personal experiences or through facts. The Process for Writing the Problem/Solution Essay.

I. Prewritingsteps, including critical reading, critical thinking, journaling, Revising,making sure argument/reasoningis logical and well supported. Problem Solution A problem solution essay is a paper in which you describe a problem and some possible solutions to it.

It’s often difficult to pick a decent topic when there are so many possibilities, so we’ve compiled this fantastic list of attention-grabbing problem solution essay topics for you to choose from. Presents a problem.

Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics for College

Argues for a solution. Problem Solution Essays are a kind of Argument Essay. They argue that one particular policy would be the way to solve that particular problem. Recent argumentative essay topics which are relevant to society will do.

A debatable paper must contain both analysis and fair criticism of various problems. Make sure each time you want to say something against one's claim, you need solid arguments.

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As a special form of argument, problem-solution essays have much in common with position essays. Both analyze a subject and take a definite stand on it. Both seek to convince readers to share this position by giving reasons and evidence and by acknowledging readers’ likely objections or questions.

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