Pros and cons of walmart essay

Recommended Reading Wal-Mart is one of the great shining examples of what a market economy can achieve. If I were to give a tour of the United States to visitors from a socialist country, who are used to experiencing chronic shortages of almost everything, Wal-Mart would be one of the first places I would take them.

Pros and cons of walmart essay

OccupyTheory on 1 May, at While there are some who are able to enjoy the advantages of Wal-Mart shopping, there are others who point out the disadvantages at every opportunity.

The Pros of Walmart 1. Varied Selection No matter what you need at Wal-Mart, there is a section for you.

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A person can head to Wal-Mart and purchase their groceries for the week, a digital camera, get their vehicle repaired, and shop for clothes, all in one trip. Wal-Mart is a true one stop shop. Unlike other stores of their kind, they do not charge a membership fee in order to enjoy their savings.

Provides Jobs The sheer size and variety of a Wal-Mart store guarantees a wide range of employment opportunities for members of the community where it is built. In a time when employment opportunities are scarce, this cannot be discounted. Patrons from neighboring communities travel into the region to do their Wal-Mart shopping and will often stick around, spending money at a variety of local hubs.

If a town does not have a Wal-Mart of their own, citizens think nothing of driving to a place that has one. The Cons of Walmart 1. Since they offer just about any service that a customer needs and do so for a much cheaper price, Wal-Mart drives smaller companies in the region out of business.

They do not offer their employees a health care policy that is competitive with what other employers provide for their subordinates. Wal-Mart workers are often forced to use public assistance to make up for what they lack and most Wal-Mart employees struggle to make ends meet as a result.

Prices Are Misleading While certain items are much cheaper when you purchase them at Wal-Mart, this is by design. Wal-Mart charges shoppers less for some items, but if you are someone who pays close attention to prices, you will realize that some items actually cost a lot more than they would if you had purchased them at a different store.Despite its success, Walmart has not been spared from criticisms.

Let us discuss the contentions of supporters and critics of this retail store.

Pros and cons of walmart essay

List of Pros of Walmart. 1. Affordable Prices One of the reasons shoppers give behind the popularity of Walmart among consumers are the low prices of their products.

Mar 13,  · These are the top 10 pros and cons of shopping at Walmart, at least in my experience there.

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Is Wal-Mart Good for America? Robert S. McAdam. Vice President, State and Local. Government Relations, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.. Written for The CQ Researcher, September Wal-Mart offers everyday, affordable prices for American families across the .

Transcript of Walmart Pros and Cons Walmart, Is It Really Worth The Low Prices? •With total revenues greater than $ billion per year and more than million employees worldwide Wal-Mart stores Inc.

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