Safety rules speech

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Safety rules speech

After all, Alcoa was in a mess. I intend to make Alcoa the safest company in America. I intend to go for zero injuries. How were they going to make money by focusing on safety?

Speech on Road Safety

Eventually, someone raised a hand and asked about inventories in the aerospace division. If you want to understand how Alcoa is doing, you need to look at our workplace safety figures. It will be because the individuals at this company have agreed to become part of something important: All in a panic-stricken rush to sell their Alcoa stock as fast as they could.

Those who held onto their Alcoa stock were handsomely rewarded. He started with why.

Safety rules speech

This would have kept shareholders and share brokers happy. Instead, he chose to talk about safety and become the champion for Alcoa workers. So I decided I was going to start by focusing on one thing.

He chose improving safety as the key habit to bring the entire company together. He chose a habit that would have everyone in alignment — unions and managers. And it meant total operational transformation.

Safety rules speech

Humans can only learn and remember so much information at once. The more information you give people — the more they can get paralyzed by it. The Power of the Group But what he also did rather skillfully was to encourage group behavior. He encouraged Alcoa workers to consider the safety of the group rather than themselves.

He rallied the workforce to work together for a common goal. Humans see themselves in terms of other people and groups. Evolution has taught us that it is beneficial to live in tribes, where we can share out the work of daily survival.

It was about the group — it was about the Alcoa workforce. He was there to improve their quality of life, to ensure that they would arrive home safely at the end of the day. By launching his first speech to outsiders, he powerfully communicated to staff, just how committed he was to improve their workplace.

That he could be trusted. That he was on their side. He even took this further. This opened up the flow of communication.Safety Rules Speech Nadu Government has formed a committee and making several investigations for the procurement of land that the project needed. According to the latest information, the monorail project has decided to construct at least 37 stations for the passengers safety.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Safety Rules Speech. 6 Rules for School Safety Know and follow school security and safety measures. These might include signing in when visiting the school, being escorted when walking through the building, or wearing a visitor pass.

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All short speech on road safety as well as long speech on road safety would help you in your purpose. These Road Safety speeches are easy to understand and comprehensive in nature. May 03,  · Hey hey so the previous speech went great and now they want me to do another one -_- Anyways the topic is road safety and it is aimed to inform the students about road safety (no driving, just stuff like crossing the road and etc etc) Good Morning, Today im here to present a speech on the topic road caninariojana.comay many people are involved in road accidents.

Eight Steps to Writing the Workplace Safety Speech Writing an engaging Safety Speech can be Tricky. This New Report reveals the Key Steps behind writing a convincing Workplace Safety Speech. Melbourne, Australia (11 April, ) – Digicast Productions, a safety and induction training video production house, today released a new white .

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