Tips for writing apa research paper

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Tips for writing apa research paper

Most professional journals require papers to be submitted in conformity with the APA American Psychological Association style guide. While some may differ slightly in minor areas, the APA style is the accepted format for publication. Here are some writing tips for APA-style research papers.

tips for writing apa research paper

By doing this, any specific changes that a particular journal may require will only demand minor changes to your draft before submitting.

Use the Standard Organizational Sections The basic sections of a scientific report or paper are the abstract, introduction, method experimental, hypothesisresults and conclusions. Each of these sections has very basic formats and requirements for the content.

An examination of each section will allow you to both plan your research and be prepared to report it correctly.

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Abstract The abstract of any scientific paper is designed to reveal what research was performed and to give a very brief summary of the results obtained. According to the APA Style Guide, the abstract of a research paper is to be around words and include approximately one sentence for each of the sections of the paper.

The abstract should include a basic description of the work being reported. Introduction The introduction is much more extensive in scope. It includes a comprehensive review of the literature concerning the topic of research and attempts to convey what is known about the topic of interest.

The introduction also explains, as descriptively and accurately as possible, the basics of the topic of interest and of what will be done to investigate it further.

tips for writing apa research paper

A short discussion of the proposed research in light of what is currently known is undertaken. The introduction concludes by declaring the hypothesis of the research.

Method The method section is sometimes referred to as the experimental section. This section is used to describe not only how the research was done, but also what was used during the research.

An example of a chemical or physical experiment would include all the equipment used in the experiment. All hardware used is listed by name, model number and manufacturer. There should be enough detail included that any other researcher could replicate the results of the reported research without severe difficulty.

Results Analysis of the data is conducted in the results section. This section evaluates the data and compares it to previous results.

A comparison is also made with results obtained using other methods of measurements. Discussion Conclusions The discussion section clearly states whether the hypothesis was supported or not supported by the experiments.

Based on the results, comments are made as to the importance of these studies. References The references used in the paper are to be written in the format specified by the APA style guide. There are specific formats defined for books, articles and online sources.APA Central is a digital library of quick APA guides and tutorials: Learn - view videos and tutorials, test your APA knowledge with quizzes, and view sample papers, references, tables, and figures.

- Research - view tutorials, search APA dictionaries, develop research ideas, plan and track your research, and manage your references.

- Write - use templates to write papers (includes step-by.

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Dec 20,  · Edit Article How to Cite a Research Paper in APA. Three Parts: Sample Citations Writing an In-Text Citation Creating a Citation for a Reference List Community Q&A Citing a research paper as a source for an essay can be tricky, as you may not be sure what information you have to include to do it properly%(1).

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The APA writing style has evolved through time and several changes have been adapted in response to the electronic information age. What follows are some useful pointers for those of you who have been asked to write a paper using the APA format.

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