Uincefs tap project

Inhowever, the campaign took an interesting and creative turn. Supporters and the general public were challenged not to touch their cell phones for as long as they could.

Uincefs tap project

The basis of the campaign itself was app-driven involvement from supporters. UNICEF asked followers to sacrifice time on their phone to provide clean water for someone in need for a day. The Tap Project was created in by the Droga5 ad agency.

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The main objective of the initiative was to provide children in need with clean and safe water. The angle that the advertising agency took to market this project was to encourage people to donate a dollar to help provide those in dire need the tap water that is given to us for free.

Their success can be attributed in large part to their active and masterful use of social media marketing tactics. Get people to donate money to UNICEF in support of one of their mission to provide global access to clean and safe water.

That is the Uincefs tap project of millions of citizens around the world in their pursuit of clean water.

Uincefs tap project

The key to the proliferation of their app was the self-promotion feature associated with every tap project. For every person who participated, their activity was advertised to their own group of friends who would see the activity and hopefully pitch in themselves.

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It also allowed their advertising to be more meaningful because consumers are more likely to trust something if its recommended by someone they know personally. By having all participants tweet out their participation in the Tap Project they were able to have trusted brand advocates all over the globe.

The most powerful examples of their trusted brand advocates were celebrities who retweeted the UNICEF handle or even tweeted the results of their own participation in the Tap Project. These celebrities have millions of followers and very devoted fans, so their involvement was very he lpful to the campaign.

An example of a celebrity advocate was Selena Gomez. By posting this seen below Selena Gomez became a brand advocate, whether she may know it or not. The large web that social media can tap into was clearly used in full effect by the genius Droga5 advertising minds in the Tap Project campaign.

This uberly successful integrative campaign taught me the power of good content, given to the right people and places, on social media. This online application could have been easily ignored and lumped into the huge amount of media people consume daily, but the powerful message, capitalization on opinion leaders, and active facilitation of consumer advocacy.

The powerful message came from the human insight that average citizens believe that their phone is a necessity. This was then cleverly used by the creative department at Droga.

Uincefs tap project

They were able to juxtapose what people in 1st world countries think they need cell phones and what those who are impoverished REALLY need water. While the campaign expertly built brand awareness and captured consumers attention, I think they could have made a bigger play for personal donations.

They really focused on having people donate their time and having their project sponsors foot the bill. I understand that garnering attention for the cause was very important and necessary, but I do think they left some money on the table by not adding a donation factor to the game or making the option more attractive to users.

They capitalized on a platform that continues to evade marketers expertise.Mar 03,  · The Problem With UNICEF's Tap Project Water has been the source of a lot of personal irritation today.

On the one hand, it's raining and my clothes are drenched. All around the internet, fellow privileged college students have been sharing the UNICEF Tap Project and urging their social media friends to use it.

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caninariojana.com receives less than % of its total traffic. It was owned by several entities, from US Fund for UNICEF of US Fund for UNICEF to US Fund for UNICEF US Fund for UNICEF of US Fund for UNICEF, it was hosted by BlackMesh Inc., CloudFlare Inc.

and others. Launched in , the UNICEF Tap Project was conceived to raise awareness of the global water crisis and generate support for solutions to correct it. Through partnerships with va. Mar 18,  · The UNICEF Tap Project has raised more than $ million for water and sanitation programs benefiting children in Belize, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Côte d’Ivoire, Guatemala, Haiti.

UNICEF is committed to doing all it can to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with governments, civil society, business, academia and the United Nations family – and especially children and young people.

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